NRLCEO Fantasy Rugby League

It may still be 2015, but the Moneyball boys are already pumped for the 2016 NRLCEO season!

This podcast is all about planning. Join host Phil, along with regulars Jacko and Marcho alongside their longtime mate Ted as they discuss the big issues of the off season and what that means for NRLCEO. From Sam Burgess' return, to the RTS sized hole at the Roosters and how the Raiders will go with expectations.

Most importantly the boys talk about their drafting strategies, which will help you go along way to winning your own competition.

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What went wrong for the Moneyball boys and how so?

This week's edition reflects on the successful and the not so strategies of this year, plus the hosts take some parting shots at the top dogs, from the NRLCEO commish to the actual man at the top Dave Smith.

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Mark is back from holidays but his fantasy team is still on a permanent holiday for season 2015.

It's the run home to the finals and with just two weeks to go there probably aren't a lot of teams left. But the keen one's are still 100% committed. 

As usual the boys answer all your questions and preview Round 25. 

Download on iTunes or listen on our blog.

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Tantasy Podcast host Mark is MIA. Literally.

He's off on a holiday in the U.S of A. And it's lucky he is because not only is Mark not on the podcast this week, he's also out of the NRLCEO finals! The champ is out.

So Mikey and Brett preview the Tantasy Finals, Round 23 of the NRL and answer all of your questions.

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We all like to think that we're the CEOs of our own fantasy teams.

But this week Moneyball talks to a real life CEO. We welcome former North Sydney Bears and Australian rep Greg Florimo to the show to talk about fantasy footy and what it's like to be the CEO of an NRL bid club.

It's a dream come true for Bears tragic Phil to interview a Bear.

After all, he does end every show with "go the Bears!"

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The Tantasy Podcast this week features less Mikey and more Brett and Matty!

The boys preview all the Round 21 games from an NRLCEO perspective, answer all of your questions and of course each send out an SOS.

Download on iTunes or direct from our blog.

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Ladies and gents, we have our finalists! (According to the boys!)

Moneyball glosses over what will be a truly intriguing run home... plus, which side will pinch 8th spot?

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Like Laurie Daley all series, they got their man!

The Tantasy boys welcome to the podcast the man with hair like a samurai and a beard like a lumberjack - Mr Aaron Woods.

In a cracking interview they talk to Woodsy about NRLCEO workhoses, what he thinks could improve workhorses and the worst injuries he's seen on Mad Monday!

It's a short episode, so plug in and enjoy!

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After the Moneyball boys had Shaun Fensom on the show last week the Tantasy boys had to pull something out of the woods. Literally.

So Aaron Woods agreed to join the podcast!

Unfortunately he then had the day off after Origin. So the boys missed him! But he promised to be back on Thursday in a shortened podcast. So stay tuned for that.

In the meantime the Kiwis get up to their normal shennanigans, answer all your questions and preview Round 19 from an NRLCEO perspective.

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Shaun Fensom stops by for a chat about his Fantasy legacy, post-origin mourning and how round 18 shapes up!

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