NRLCEO Fantasy Rugby League (fantasy nrl)

We thought they might be in hiding after the Test Match, but the Tantasy boys are back and actually pretty proud of their boys efforts.  Far better than their efforts picking first try scorer, that's for sure!

As always, the boys answer your questions about NRLCEO and preview this week's NRL games with a focus on who you should be selecting in your sides.  

Lastly, the SOS call outs have been renamed in honour of Konrad Hurrel this week, so tune in to find out what it is.

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Mikey is still missing after losing to Mark a few weeks ago so a few new members of the Tantasy Competition join the podcast for the first time.  Mark is joined by Brett (East Coast Pipi Hunters) and Matty (Dangerous Goods).

Join in the fun as they discuss the lead up to Round 8 and all the valuable NRLCEO players of each team.

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Phil didn’t let his flu hose down what was a FIERY edition of Moneyball. 

No one’s safe, and the lads don’t shy away from the controversial calls this time!

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You've heard the Kiwi fellas from Tantasy and you've tuned into the Aussie guys on Moneyball - well now for the first time ever - they combine!  Listen in for a bit of Aussie/Kiwi banter and a LOT of footy chat.

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The crazy Kiwi duo's getting into their podcasting mould now. As their profile grows, so do their opinions! Things are anything but settling down, as the season gets into the grind.

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Join Phil, Rhys and Jackson discussing all things NRLCEO!
Positional changes was high on the agenda, plus some big calls were made about ageing players and possible Test smokies!

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Tantasy Podcast comes direct to you from NZ. The boys talk NRLCEO fantasy footy, Round 2 performances and the team lists for Round 3. There's also a feature on the average draft picks for the top players on the NRLCEO site.

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Moneyball - The Best Debut since Scott Minto

We've had the Kiwi NRLCEO podcast, now it's time for the Aussies to step up. Join Phil, Rhys and Jackson for "Moneyball". The podcast giving you the hints and tips to not only hang out with Brad Pitt, but win your League too!

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Tantasy - Great to have Footy back!

Tantasy Podcast comes direct to you from NZ. The boys talk fantasy footy and particularly what happened in the first round of the NRL in 2014.  Who to keep, who to punt and how to win your League.

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Tantasy Podcast comes direct to you from NZ. The boys talk fantasy footy; who to draft, who to punt and how to win your League.

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