NRLCEO Fantasy Rugby League

The Tantasy Boys are in lock down in Auckland, but they're as pumped about NRLCEO as ever.

Mark and Mikey preview Round 16 and as it's the last round of the regular NRLCEO season, the stakes are high.

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With only a few weeks to go until the NRLCEO finals, the lads discuss all the pressing matters surrounding the NRL and NRLCEO in a new segment called Yay or Nay. Mig is channelling his best Trevor Gillmeister impersonation as he drags himself from his sickbed to man up. And we are graced with Ipswich royalty as the coach with arguably the best team name in the comp joins the panel as a special guest.

This is NRLCEO HQ..

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Auckland goes into lockdown in the middle of the podcast, but nothing can stop the Tantasy Podcast.

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This week Mig channels his best Paul Kent impersonation as he takes aim at Deano’s back to back premiership chances. Deano gives superstar centre Stephen Crichton some fashion tips. The lads discuss the dreaded curse of the mid-game pickup, and we induct the next three NRLCEO Gods.

This is NRLCEO HQ..

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