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It's the last NRLCEO Podcast of PVL Ball 2021.

The lads look at the Bible predictions and how the season played out versus their big balls calls.

Mig runs his eye over the public competitions including the Sam Kashiano, Champions League and Supporters League Grand Finals.

And it's a bumper edition of Coaches Corner full of celebrations and salty loser tears.

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Post Mortems are always fun (for everyone else) after a NRLCEO Grand Final.

4/6 of the 6'Some Cup join this special episode to celebrate Bona's big news!

Plenty of previews for NRLCEO Grand Finals coming up in Round 25 as well. The time is here!

And lastly, Shauny Goodson delivers his second best song of the year as NRLCEO finishes and we head back to our Normal Lives...

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It's been 336 days since their last podcast, but since New Zealand is back in lockdown, Mark and Mikey have brought back the Tantasy Podcast for a special occassion!

Ahead of their Grand Final, the boys are back to preview their game and chat everything NRLCEO. 

Let us know what you think of the boys being back. If you show them enough love, they just might be back in 2022!

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It's Grand Final week in the 6'some Cup and for the first time in a loooong time it doesn't contain Mig.

Deano and Bona both use their Play Down Cards to avoid favouritism but there can only be one winner.

There was plenty of feedback on the changes to NRLCEO for 2022 so the boys wade through all of that and some of your sob stories...

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The Finals are hotting up in NRLCEO HQ and you can tell from the volume of Coaches Corner questions!

Mig captains the ship along with Deano and JB as they chat about the Storm kicker conundrum, the double workhorse drought and the changes that could come into play in 2022.

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This disease riddled season is almost over and many teams are crawling to the finals...

Loan deals are flying left, right and centre in the NRL bringing fantasy and real footy closer than ever before.

There's a Champions League wrap, Kashiano update and analysis of all the Supporters Leagues.

There's also a song tribute to the "Dumb Things" that our footy players get up to every week.

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There is a special guest back in the virtual studios as Bona makes a welcome return!

A few people have pissed off the Virtual Gods this week and a few got a few virtual handies from them too.

The boys preview the penultimate round of the regular NRLCEO season.

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There are injuries and suspensions galore impacting CEOs but someone is eating hot & spicy this week...

Mig, Deano and Dax discuss whether kickers are becoming too dominant in NRLCEO and which NRL players would make it in the Olympics.

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Mig, Deano & Tuxy are here to bring you all your NRLCEO fix for this week.

Our mate Shaun Goodson also laments the loss of rugby league in NSW to COVID.

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Mig takes the wheel of the ship again and is joined by Deano and Tuxy to steer our CEO's through the last bye round of the year.

The Dragons get a well deserved roasting as Paul Vaughan breaks Mig's black heart.

Of course they preview all of your NRLCEO games and go through Coaches Corner.

And Shaun Goodson premieres his latest parody masterpiece - the Boys of Kogarah.

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Mig is still hurting from his Townsville Origin nightmare.

Cappo laments the curse of Cam McInnes.

And Deano is doing the dodgy in the trading game.

As always we cover the Round 15 previews, the CEO Dream Team and Coaches Corner.

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With Origin coming to the real God's Country, the NQ boys are running hot. They delight in Braith and Brandy having a sook about the venue.

Nicho Hynes has dropped in at the Sharks and so we look at whether it's a good move for him and what it means for Will Kennedy.

The bye week conundrum is coming up so of course the natural question is Indian, Thai or Chinese Food?

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It's a "short" episode jam packed with NRLCEO content.

Mig is the (c) this week as he's joined by Deano and Bona to preview Round 13 of the NRLCEO season.

They debate what's happened to the three time NRLCEO MVP Damien Cook and Sam Walker's quiet last few weeks.

There's a stacked CEO Coaches Corner but it's dominated by one man. So get your questions in for the future.

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Sin bins and send offs, that’s the burning topic this week. What repercussions will this crack down have on NRLCEO? Mig is saltier than a sardine on a Saltine cracker, and what has happened to Keven Walters eyebrows? The boys preview the games ahead of round 11, and the wheels start to fall off in this weeks Coaches Corner.

This is NRLCEO HQ..

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On the back of a high scoring round of NRL the lads breakdown the top scoring CEO players. The news about David Fifita losing at the judiciary has Mig fuming. The Magic Round games are put under the microscope, and Shaun Goodson leaves us with yet another rib tickling NRL parody song.

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Injuries are the hot topic this week with many CEO teams testing the depth of their player rosters. The lads discuss the high profile players off contract at the end of the year, and which rookies have blossomed CEO wise so far this year. It's a jam packed Coach's Corner including a question that has the boys reminiscing about their own playing days. And Shaun Goodson is back with another hilarious NRL parody song. This time it's Dane Gagai in the firing line. 

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Bona is back behind the wheel this week and sends Deano straight to the NRLCEO judiciary. The lads discuss the Cowboys halves purchases for 2022 and they give their opinion on the crack down on sin bins and judiciary gradings. Harry Grant is put under the microscope as well as the round 8 NRL games. 

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Another week and another host down. Not to worry, the coach of the team with the best team name in CEO is here to fill in. Off the back of some major upsets last week, the lads dive into all the NRL and NRLCEO news making the rounds. Round 7 is around the corner and we preview the games and pin point the CEO value for each.

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Off the back of our listener's requests for a weekly podcast, we have our first raw and uncut episode of NRLCEO HQ. Bona and Deano go through the John Morris sacking and the release of Josh McGuire to the Dragons. Bona also gives the Bunker a spray for time wasting. Plus we preview the games for round 6.

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Deano’s out again this week so the 18th man has been activated and we welcome a special guest host. This week we cover how the growing list of Injuries, HIA’s, the inclusion of the 18th man and the ever-gaping divide in clubs are going to affect your CEO teams. Coaches Corner is a cracker this week with an unofficial sponsor of KFC coming on board. And Shaun Goodson has done it again with another hilarious NRL song parody. This week he gives us the Cowboys song. 


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It’s round 3, and the NRLCEO HQ lads are back, including Deano, who’s out of the Doghouse. This week the boys are geared up for their annual Fantasy Football catch up weekend. They reflect on what’s impressed and disappointed them so far this season and give the Cowboys a bake as usual. The round 3 team lists and matchups are put under the microscope, and your questions are answered in the Coaches Corner. Stay tuned to the end for NRLCEO coach Shaun Goodson’s musical debut with his tribute to the one that got away, Teddy’s Song.


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Welcome to the very first Team List Tuesday for 2021. Deano has done a Tommy Turbo and is already on the injury list, but Bona and Mig are here to dissect the teams and the CEO value heading into round 1. A Chinese conspiracy has rocked one of the long-standing NRLCEO leagues, and Mig uncovers yet another Broncos crisis that is set to rattle the ranks at Red Hill. All that, plus the boys answer your CEO questions in the Coaches Corner segment. Here is the email for more info about the Champion Data position –

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The final instalment of the NRLCEO Season Preview is here. The boys dive deep into the CEO talent and draft priorities of the Panthers, Dragons, Rabbitohs, Roosters and Tigers. In a special edition of Coaches Corner, the lads answer questions from CEO coaches about the upcoming season, including their prediction of the 2021 NRLCEO Dream Team. The NRLCEO Bible and Super Spready are available from 26th January. Grab a copy and happy drafting! 

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Part 2 of the NRLCEO 2021 season preview is here. Join Bona, Deano and Mig as they recap the highs and lows of their draft and contemplate the need for a jailbird in your team. The boys discuss the rule change to the Supporters comp that will undoubtedly get our coaches talking. Also, it’s time to discuss the CEO talent, and draft prospects from the Sea Eagles, Storm, Knights, Cowboys, Warriors and the Eels.

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NRLCEO HQ is back for 2021! Bona, Mig and Deano kick off the fantasy season with part 1 of the NRLCEO Season Preview. The lads go over the crucial changes to the Workhorse and Metre Eater criteria for the upcoming season. They also dive deep into the NRLCEO prospects of the Broncos, Raiders, Bulldogs, Sharks and Titans. Plenty of content to get you ready for your upcoming drafts. Don't forget the NRLCEO Guide and Super Spready come out on the 26th January. 

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