NRLCEO Fantasy Rugby League

It's a "short" episode jam packed with NRLCEO content.

Mig is the (c) this week as he's joined by Deano and Bona to preview Round 13 of the NRLCEO season.

They debate what's happened to the three time NRLCEO MVP Damien Cook and Sam Walker's quiet last few weeks.

There's a stacked CEO Coaches Corner but it's dominated by one man. So get your questions in for the future.

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Sin bins and send offs, that’s the burning topic this week. What repercussions will this crack down have on NRLCEO? Mig is saltier than a sardine on a Saltine cracker, and what has happened to Keven Walters eyebrows? The boys preview the games ahead of round 11, and the wheels start to fall off in this weeks Coaches Corner.

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On the back of a high scoring round of NRL the lads breakdown the top scoring CEO players. The news about David Fifita losing at the judiciary has Mig fuming. The Magic Round games are put under the microscope, and Shaun Goodson leaves us with yet another rib tickling NRL parody song.

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Injuries are the hot topic this week with many CEO teams testing the depth of their player rosters. The lads discuss the high profile players off contract at the end of the year, and which rookies have blossomed CEO wise so far this year. It's a jam packed Coach's Corner including a question that has the boys reminiscing about their own playing days. And Shaun Goodson is back with another hilarious NRL parody song. This time it's Dane Gagai in the firing line. 

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