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There are injuries and suspensions galore impacting CEOs but someone is eating hot & spicy this week...

Mig, Deano and Dax discuss whether kickers are becoming too dominant in NRLCEO and which NRL players would make it in the Olympics.

This is NRLCEO HQ...

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Mig, Deano & Tuxy are here to bring you all your NRLCEO fix for this week.

Our mate Shaun Goodson also laments the loss of rugby league in NSW to COVID.

This is NRLCEO HQ...

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Mig takes the wheel of the ship again and is joined by Deano and Tuxy to steer our CEO's through the last bye round of the year.

The Dragons get a well deserved roasting as Paul Vaughan breaks Mig's black heart.

Of course they preview all of your NRLCEO games and go through Coaches Corner.

And Shaun Goodson premieres his latest parody masterpiece - the Boys of Kogarah.

This is NRLCEO HQ...

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