NRLCEO Fantasy Rugby League

Post Mortems are always fun (for everyone else) after a NRLCEO Grand Final.

4/6 of the 6'Some Cup join this special episode to celebrate Bona's big news!

Plenty of previews for NRLCEO Grand Finals coming up in Round 25 as well. The time is here!

And lastly, Shauny Goodson delivers his second best song of the year as NRLCEO finishes and we head back to our Normal Lives...

This is NRLCEO HQ...

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It's been 336 days since their last podcast, but since New Zealand is back in lockdown, Mark and Mikey have brought back the Tantasy Podcast for a special occassion!

Ahead of their Grand Final, the boys are back to preview their game and chat everything NRLCEO. 

Let us know what you think of the boys being back. If you show them enough love, they just might be back in 2022!

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It's Grand Final week in the 6'some Cup and for the first time in a loooong time it doesn't contain Mig.

Deano and Bona both use their Play Down Cards to avoid favouritism but there can only be one winner.

There was plenty of feedback on the changes to NRLCEO for 2022 so the boys wade through all of that and some of your sob stories...

This is NRLCEO HQ...

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The Finals are hotting up in NRLCEO HQ and you can tell from the volume of Coaches Corner questions!

Mig captains the ship along with Deano and JB as they chat about the Storm kicker conundrum, the double workhorse drought and the changes that could come into play in 2022.

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This disease riddled season is almost over and many teams are crawling to the finals...

Loan deals are flying left, right and centre in the NRL bringing fantasy and real footy closer than ever before.

There's a Champions League wrap, Kashiano update and analysis of all the Supporters Leagues.

There's also a song tribute to the "Dumb Things" that our footy players get up to every week.

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There is a special guest back in the virtual studios as Bona makes a welcome return!

A few people have pissed off the Virtual Gods this week and a few got a few virtual handies from them too.

The boys preview the penultimate round of the regular NRLCEO season.

This is NRLCEO HQ...

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