NRLCEO Fantasy Rugby League (Fantasy NRL)

Mig and Deano share a special moment over their wins from the weekend, while Bona is mesmerized by Briton Nikora's magic. The lads dive into Trent Barrett's departure from the Bulldogs. And the self-proclaimed best dentist in the world auditions for the CEO Voice.

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There are plenty of salty tears this week as Deano rips the shred off the Warriors and Bona rues the Will Kennedy send-off. Mig is in a chirpy mood as the lads look back over the big moments from round 9. Coaches Corner gets loose and Shaun Goodson gives the Knights his special touch. 

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After a week of upsets in the NRL, the HQ lads take a look at what went right and wrong with their CEO teams. The boys weigh in on the Raiders and what they think should happen with Ricky Stuart. Deano goes ALL IN on the Cowboys, and a classic Coaches Corner question has the lads playing with muppets. 

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After the ANZAC Day massacre from the Storm, Deano feels quite salty after giving away a 30-point lead. Mig tries to solve the Roosters' clunky start to the season. And Bona explains his calf routine. 

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Bona, Mig, and Deano discuss the Tiger's upset win over the Eels. Should Cleary have been suspended? Is Ponga worth the hype and price tag? The Workhorse Watcher is back this week, and the boys perform a do-it-yourself Coaches Corner. Shaun Goodson kicks off his white shoes. 

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With Mig and Deano back this week, the boys don't waste any time diving into the big topics from round 5. Mig is on tilt, and Bona is still winless. Get amongst the NRLCEO T-shirt comp and spread the CEO love. The Coaches Corner has a kicker theme to it, and Shaun Goodson feels the wrath of Papi with a Doors classic. 

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Bona has called in the Godfather to cover for Mig and Deano this week. The increase in sin bins has got the boys fired up. What does the Turbo injury mean to CEO coaches? And has Papi got another 30+ point game in him this week?

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The comedown is real for the HQ boys who are feeling the pinch after their Fantasy Weekend catch-up. Round 3 threw up some very close games, which reflected the CEO scores. Plenty of Cowboys love and some agenda driven Cleary bashing. The top 10 players from the mock draft are reviewed, and some major controversy out of the Mark 2K comp.

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The boys discuss the crucial refereeing decisions out of round 2 that have got Bona fired up. Deano again puts his reputation on the line by backing the Knights against the Panthers, and Mig tees off on the Lolo vs. Payton rumours. A slimmed-down Workhorse Watcher is back this week, and this could be the best Coaches Corner to date! 

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The NRLCEO HQ boys are back to sift through the aftermath of the coach killing round 1. What is with Deano's love affair with the Bulldogs? Bona resurrects the Workhorse Watcher, and the Coaches Corner hosts a pity party.   Visit and use the code HQ for 15% off your purchase. This is NRLCEO HQ


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MERRY LISTMAS!! We have a huge episode to kick off round 1 of the NRLCEO fantasy season. Bona, Mig, and Deano reminisce on their drafts and predict which CEO players are in for a big year. The boys dive deep into the year's first team lists, and one CEO coach's question has got the boys all riled up. Shaun Goodson jump-starts our year with another cracking CEO song. 

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The final installment of the NRLCEO season preview is here. This week the lads are joined by a special guest, the Commish. Plenty of CEO chat as the Panthers, Dragons, Rabbitohs, Roosters, and Tigers are put under the CEO magnifying glass. 

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The lads are back for part 2 of the 2022 NRL season preview. This week, the Sea Eagles, Storm, Knights, Cowboys, Warriors, and Eels are put under the microscope. Mig also explains how the kicker points were decided and clears up a particular gripe some of the 6'Some cup coaches have. Any complaints about the squeaky chair can be directed to Deano. Don't forget to purchase the NRLCEO Season Guide on 26th January.

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Draft season is just around the corner, and what better way to get you into the mood but with the NRLCEO HQ season preview. Bona, Mig and Deano dive into the Broncos, Bulldogs, Raiders, Sharks, and Titans and discuss the players you need to have on your radar come draft time. 

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It's the last NRLCEO Podcast of PVL Ball 2021.

The lads look at the Bible predictions and how the season played out versus their big balls calls.

Mig runs his eye over the public competitions including the Sam Kashiano, Champions League and Supporters League Grand Finals.

And it's a bumper edition of Coaches Corner full of celebrations and salty loser tears.

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Post Mortems are always fun (for everyone else) after a NRLCEO Grand Final.

4/6 of the 6'Some Cup join this special episode to celebrate Bona's big news!

Plenty of previews for NRLCEO Grand Finals coming up in Round 25 as well. The time is here!

And lastly, Shauny Goodson delivers his second best song of the year as NRLCEO finishes and we head back to our Normal Lives...

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It's been 336 days since their last podcast, but since New Zealand is back in lockdown, Mark and Mikey have brought back the Tantasy Podcast for a special occassion!

Ahead of their Grand Final, the boys are back to preview their game and chat everything NRLCEO. 

Let us know what you think of the boys being back. If you show them enough love, they just might be back in 2022!

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It's Grand Final week in the 6'some Cup and for the first time in a loooong time it doesn't contain Mig.

Deano and Bona both use their Play Down Cards to avoid favouritism but there can only be one winner.

There was plenty of feedback on the changes to NRLCEO for 2022 so the boys wade through all of that and some of your sob stories...

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The Finals are hotting up in NRLCEO HQ and you can tell from the volume of Coaches Corner questions!

Mig captains the ship along with Deano and JB as they chat about the Storm kicker conundrum, the double workhorse drought and the changes that could come into play in 2022.

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This disease riddled season is almost over and many teams are crawling to the finals...

Loan deals are flying left, right and centre in the NRL bringing fantasy and real footy closer than ever before.

There's a Champions League wrap, Kashiano update and analysis of all the Supporters Leagues.

There's also a song tribute to the "Dumb Things" that our footy players get up to every week.

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There is a special guest back in the virtual studios as Bona makes a welcome return!

A few people have pissed off the Virtual Gods this week and a few got a few virtual handies from them too.

The boys preview the penultimate round of the regular NRLCEO season.

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There are injuries and suspensions galore impacting CEOs but someone is eating hot & spicy this week...

Mig, Deano and Dax discuss whether kickers are becoming too dominant in NRLCEO and which NRL players would make it in the Olympics.

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Mig takes the wheel of the ship again and is joined by Deano and Tuxy to steer our CEO's through the last bye round of the year.

The Dragons get a well deserved roasting as Paul Vaughan breaks Mig's black heart.

Of course they preview all of your NRLCEO games and go through Coaches Corner.

And Shaun Goodson premieres his latest parody masterpiece - the Boys of Kogarah.

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Mig is still hurting from his Townsville Origin nightmare.

Cappo laments the curse of Cam McInnes.

And Deano is doing the dodgy in the trading game.

As always we cover the Round 15 previews, the CEO Dream Team and Coaches Corner.

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With Origin coming to the real God's Country, the NQ boys are running hot. They delight in Braith and Brandy having a sook about the venue.

Nicho Hynes has dropped in at the Sharks and so we look at whether it's a good move for him and what it means for Will Kennedy.

The bye week conundrum is coming up so of course the natural question is Indian, Thai or Chinese Food?

This is NRLCEO HQ...

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It's a "short" episode jam packed with NRLCEO content.

Mig is the (c) this week as he's joined by Deano and Bona to preview Round 13 of the NRLCEO season.

They debate what's happened to the three time NRLCEO MVP Damien Cook and Sam Walker's quiet last few weeks.

There's a stacked CEO Coaches Corner but it's dominated by one man. So get your questions in for the future.

This is NRLCEO HQ...

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Sin bins and send offs, that’s the burning topic this week. What repercussions will this crack down have on NRLCEO? Mig is saltier than a sardine on a Saltine cracker, and what has happened to Keven Walters eyebrows? The boys preview the games ahead of round 11, and the wheels start to fall off in this weeks Coaches Corner.

This is NRLCEO HQ..

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On the back of a high scoring round of NRL the lads breakdown the top scoring CEO players. The news about David Fifita losing at the judiciary has Mig fuming. The Magic Round games are put under the microscope, and Shaun Goodson leaves us with yet another rib tickling NRL parody song.

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Injuries are the hot topic this week with many CEO teams testing the depth of their player rosters. The lads discuss the high profile players off contract at the end of the year, and which rookies have blossomed CEO wise so far this year. It's a jam packed Coach's Corner including a question that has the boys reminiscing about their own playing days. And Shaun Goodson is back with another hilarious NRL parody song. This time it's Dane Gagai in the firing line. 

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Bona is back behind the wheel this week and sends Deano straight to the NRLCEO judiciary. The lads discuss the Cowboys halves purchases for 2022 and they give their opinion on the crack down on sin bins and judiciary gradings. Harry Grant is put under the microscope as well as the round 8 NRL games. 

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Another week and another host down. Not to worry, the coach of the team with the best team name in CEO is here to fill in. Off the back of some major upsets last week, the lads dive into all the NRL and NRLCEO news making the rounds. Round 7 is around the corner and we preview the games and pin point the CEO value for each.

This is NRLCEO HQ.. 

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Deano’s out again this week so the 18th man has been activated and we welcome a special guest host. This week we cover how the growing list of Injuries, HIA’s, the inclusion of the 18th man and the ever-gaping divide in clubs are going to affect your CEO teams. Coaches Corner is a cracker this week with an unofficial sponsor of KFC coming on board. And Shaun Goodson has done it again with another hilarious NRL song parody. This week he gives us the Cowboys song. 


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It’s round 3, and the NRLCEO HQ lads are back, including Deano, who’s out of the Doghouse. This week the boys are geared up for their annual Fantasy Football catch up weekend. They reflect on what’s impressed and disappointed them so far this season and give the Cowboys a bake as usual. The round 3 team lists and matchups are put under the microscope, and your questions are answered in the Coaches Corner. Stay tuned to the end for NRLCEO coach Shaun Goodson’s musical debut with his tribute to the one that got away, Teddy’s Song.


Direct download: Episode_5_auphonic_2021.mp3
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Welcome to the very first Team List Tuesday for 2021. Deano has done a Tommy Turbo and is already on the injury list, but Bona and Mig are here to dissect the teams and the CEO value heading into round 1. A Chinese conspiracy has rocked one of the long-standing NRLCEO leagues, and Mig uncovers yet another Broncos crisis that is set to rattle the ranks at Red Hill. All that, plus the boys answer your CEO questions in the Coaches Corner segment. Here is the email for more info about the Champion Data position –

Direct download: episode_4_2021_auphonic.mp3
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The final instalment of the NRLCEO Season Preview is here. The boys dive deep into the CEO talent and draft priorities of the Panthers, Dragons, Rabbitohs, Roosters and Tigers. In a special edition of Coaches Corner, the lads answer questions from CEO coaches about the upcoming season, including their prediction of the 2021 NRLCEO Dream Team. The NRLCEO Bible and Super Spready are available from 26th January. Grab a copy and happy drafting! 

This is NRLCEO HQ..

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Part 2 of the NRLCEO 2021 season preview is here. Join Bona, Deano and Mig as they recap the highs and lows of their draft and contemplate the need for a jailbird in your team. The boys discuss the rule change to the Supporters comp that will undoubtedly get our coaches talking. Also, it’s time to discuss the CEO talent, and draft prospects from the Sea Eagles, Storm, Knights, Cowboys, Warriors and the Eels.

This is NRLCEO HQ..

Direct download: 2021_Episode_2auphonic.mp3
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NRLCEO HQ is back for 2021! Bona, Mig and Deano kick off the fantasy season with part 1 of the NRLCEO Season Preview. The lads go over the crucial changes to the Workhorse and Metre Eater criteria for the upcoming season. They also dive deep into the NRLCEO prospects of the Broncos, Raiders, Bulldogs, Sharks and Titans. Plenty of content to get you ready for your upcoming drafts. Don't forget the NRLCEO Guide and Super Spready come out on the 26th January. 

This is NRLCEO HQ..

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It’s the final episode of NRLCEO HQ for the season. Mig is on cloud nine after his 6’Some Cup grand final win. Deano holds a post-mortem to see where it all went wrong for him. The lads discuss the big talking points out of Rd 20, including the aftermath of a few thrashings and how this will affect some teams heading into the finals. And the boys have a laugh as they review the studs, duds, sleepers and gambles from the 2020 Season Guide. Thank you to everyone for listening this season!


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The Tantasy Grand Final has been run and done and a new champion is crowned.

Find out why the Tantasy Competition is ahead of the game and can sit back and laugh at the chaos of the Round 20 team lists.

Direct download: Tantasy_-_Grand_Final_Edition.m4a
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It's finals time in NRLCEO with Team List Tuesday throwing up some serious selection curveballs. Teddy, McGuire and Haas are all out, and the flow-on effect is huge! The NRLCEO Team discuss who is likely to perform in this crucial round, and Deano is busy rosterbatting over his 6'Some Cup Grand Final Squad.

This is NRLCEO HQ.

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With Mig and Deano off with the sniffles this week, we’ve dived deep into the CEO talent pool and enlisted a couple of super subs. As we head into the CEO finals, the lads analyse each match up from this weekend and highlight where the CEO points are going to come from. We drop some pretty interesting mail about where Wayne Bennett wants to coach next year. And we open the NRLCEO mailbag and hand over the soap box to the coaches.

This is NRLCEO HQ..

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The Tantasy Boys are in lock down in Auckland, but they're as pumped about NRLCEO as ever.

Mark and Mikey preview Round 16 and as it's the last round of the regular NRLCEO season, the stakes are high.

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With only a few weeks to go until the NRLCEO finals, the lads discuss all the pressing matters surrounding the NRL and NRLCEO in a new segment called Yay or Nay. Mig is channelling his best Trevor Gillmeister impersonation as he drags himself from his sickbed to man up. And we are graced with Ipswich royalty as the coach with arguably the best team name in the comp joins the panel as a special guest.

This is NRLCEO HQ..

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Auckland goes into lockdown in the middle of the podcast, but nothing can stop the Tantasy Podcast.

Direct download: Tantasy_Podcast_-_Breaking_Newscast.m4a
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This week Mig channels his best Paul Kent impersonation as he takes aim at Deano’s back to back premiership chances. Deano gives superstar centre Stephen Crichton some fashion tips. The lads discuss the dreaded curse of the mid-game pickup, and we induct the next three NRLCEO Gods.

This is NRLCEO HQ..

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The Tantasy Podcast is back - this time with more hot sauce!
While most competitions auction off new players into the league, they do things different in NZ!
They brought out the hottest sauce and the winners get Luke Thompson and Sonny Bill Williams.
They also preview Round 12 of NRLCEO.
Direct download: Hot_Wings_Take_2.m4a
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Massive show this week as the boys create NRLCEO history by unveiling the first three NRLCEO Gods.

Plenty of NRL news to chat about as two more coaches find their way to the back of the Centrelink line. The controversial McInnes loophole and Metre Eater discrepancies are finally cleared up.

And which NRLCEO big boppers have the potential to play 80 mins in the middle? All that and more...

This is NRLCEO HQ...

Direct download: Episode_17_auphonic.mp3
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They survived lock down in NZ and the Tantasy Boys are back? Remember Mark and Mikey?

There's not a single pod that doesn't mention COVID, but find out what the lads have been up to in lock down.

Mikey talks about dominating the waiver wire position and Mark rants about the controversial third bench spot...

Direct download: Tantasy_Podcast_-_The_Third_Bench_Spot.m4a
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This week the NRLCEO HQ lads discuss the John Bateman saga and the crazy amount of injures that are starting to mount up for our CEO coaches. Another week and another loss for the Broncos, where do they go from here? The boys look at the controversial “hip drop” tackle, and should player kicker points be reduced? And, what trade has occurred in the 6’Some cup that has left one coach feeling used and abused?

This is NRLCEO HQ..  

Direct download: Epiosde_16_auphonic.mp3
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The NRLCEO HQ lads are back this week to pick apart the highs and lows from round 6 and discuss the big NRL news stories. Mig and Deano ponder the future of the Cowboys as they look down the barrel of a challenging 6 weeks ahead of them. With the aftermath of injures from the weekend, leaving many CEO coaches in distress, the boys discuss the impacts these will have on NRLCEO. Plus, Dr Mignasius Statman reveals the record-breaking NRLCEO stat from last round. Hit us up on our socials and let us know what you think of the idea of an NRLCEO Immortal inductee system.

This is NRLCEO HQ..

Direct download: Episode_15auphonic.mp3
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Join the NRLCEO HQ lads this week as they dive into the highs and lows of the first two rounds of the reboot 2020 NRL season. The boys weigh in on what the Broncos are doing wrong, and who they think are the new premiership favourites are. Mig drops some jaw-dropping stats from the last two rounds that could have a significant impact on the entire NRLCEO scoring system. And which player has given the boys a massive hard-on?

This is NRLCEO HQ..

Direct download: Episode_14auphonic.mp3
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The boys are back this week to draft their All-Star NSW teams live on the poddy. Two special guests join the panel as the lads navigate through the depth of players that make up the NSW talent pool. The token New South Welshman, Shaun ‘Haguey’ Hague, gives the boys an insight into his NSW Blues memories, and what it’s like to hate your State of Origin captain.

This is NRLCEO HQ..

Direct download: Episode_12_auphonic.mp3
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The footy is back baby! On team list Tuesday the boys discuss the Bronson Xerri bombshell and the John Bateman contract circus. The remaining rounds of the 2020 draw go under the CEO microscope. And the lads dissect the upcoming games for round 3, including who is looking the goods for your NRLCEO team.

This is NRLCEO HQ..

Direct download: Episode_13_auphonic.mp3
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QUEENSLANDER!!! Why should we be deprived of Origin this time of the year? The NRLCEO HQ boys had some fun this week drafting their all-time QLD Maroons teams. There’s plenty of nostalgia and a tonne of laughs to be had as the Godfather himself, Cappo, pulls himself away from the Stat Dungeon to be a part of the drafting shenanigans. Don’t forget to vote for your favourite all time QLD team on our Facebook page and Twitter. Don’t worry NSW fans, your episode is coming.

This is NRLCEO HQ..

Direct download: Episode_11auphonic.mp3
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With May 28th just around the corner, the NRLCEO HQ lads are joined by none other than die-hard fantasy footy fan, Tuxy. With cost-cutting on the agenda for the NRL, Tuxy enlightens us with his ideas on how to move the game forward.

Mig smells a stitch-up as the boys take on some NRLCEO trivia.  And what’s Bryce Cartwright’s misses, Darius Boyd and Love Island got to do with each other?

This is NRLCEO HQ..

Direct download: Episode_10auphonic.mp3
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You can support Jason's Kickstarter campaign through this link, Rugby League Dynasty.

Direct download: Episode_9_RL_Dynasty.mp3
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Under isolation conditions, the CEO HQ boys return and are joined by the very industrious and elusive Commish of NRLCEO, JB.

With just a month to go until the NRL returns, we 'celebrate' the return of dickheadedness with players being busted left right and centre for 'flaunting it' on social media!

In the wake of recent announcements, we also discuss all things NRLCEO and look at how NRLCEO Lockdown is going.

Finally, JB pays tribute to his nemesis - and no, it ain't the bloke who starts with an 'F' and rhymes with 'you betcha!'...

This is NRLCEO HQ..

Direct download: Episode_8_Auphonic.mp3
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The NRL has announced a return date for the 2020 season, but is it just a pipe dream? The boys discuss the ins and outs of Project Apollo and which CEO players will benefit from this unexpected hiatus.

We are joined by special guest CEO coach Will ‘Marcho’ Marchinton as we take a look back at the Moneyball Podcast days. He also gives us an insight into his CEO career as Bona takes him through the NRLCEO Fantasy Five.

Drop some acid and take a trip back to 2004 as the boys reminisce over yesterday’s heroes from the Lockdown Retro NRLCEO fantasy comp. It’s a blast.

This is NRLCEO..

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We're all in lockdown and Mikey has chosen to bunker down at Mikey's.

After inspiration from a series called Hot Ones, the lads are taking on a Chicken Wing Challenge while they talk about fantasy.

It's better on YouTube, but if you just miss your Tantasy Boys then tune in.

Direct download: Tantasy_Podcast_-_Chicken_Wing_Challenge.m4a
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The NRLCEO HQ crew are back, better late than never. With the suspension of the 2020 NRL season, the boys try to make sense of everything that is going on in the world and Rugby League.

With only two rounds played, the lads dissect each clubs’ performances and highlight the CEO studs and duds from each team.

This is NRLCEO HQ…

Direct download: Episode_6_1.mp3
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The footy is back, and so are the NRLCEO HQ boys.

The lads get you ready for round 1 as they bring you up to speed with the NRLCEO related news from the offseason. They take a quick trip around the grounds and discuss how each club is shaping up for the start of the season.

Your NRLCEO questions are answered during the Coaches Corner segment, and which NRLCEO coach has rattled Mig's cage?

This is NRLCEO..

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It's Bible Day, and whats got Bona talking Burgers? There's also a twist in the 'Write a Review' Competition...

Tune in, as the boys preview the final 6 NRL Teams before the Drafting Season hots up!

This is NRLCEO...

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Join the NRLCEO HQ Crew as they discuss the prospects of 5 more NRL teams for season 2020. Who are the priority draft targets, who needs to step up, who will fly under the radar and why would you pick up Lachlan Burr?

The boys also talk about the new rules for the up and coming season and give their opinions on how it will affect NRLCEO.

If you're looking for NRLCEO research, we have you covered.

This is NRLCEO HQ...

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In the lead up to Season Guide Day on the 26 January, the boys start dissecting 5 NRL Teams.

Can the Broncos win the comp? Can the Titans avoid the spoon? Is there any draft value in the Bulldogs?

All will be answered in this two-man episode in which Mig drops a draft bombshell.

This is NRLCEO HQ....

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The boys are back for another exciting season of NRLCEO.

To kick things off, there's a number of off-field dramas that warrant discussion, and in anticipation for season 2020, we review the 2019 NRLCEO Dream Team.

It wouldn't be an NRLCEO HQ episode without some controversy as the all-important kicking points for 2020 come under some serious scrutiny.

This is NRLCEO HQ...

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Voodoos have been broken and justice not granted in many competitions across NRLCEO. Join the boys at NRLCEO HQ as they dissect a devastating round of NRL action with injuries, overt hogging and hard-luck stories galore!

With just one regular-season round remaining, the boys preview a potentially crazy round 25 and discuss the topic on the lips of everyone who plays - how the hell do you stop Captain Cook...?

This is NRLCEO HQ...

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The Tantasy Boys are back after a quick holiday ready for NRLCEO Finals.

Mikey is riding high and right smack in the middle of finals and reveals his secret love for another NRL team.

Mark's season is over so all he can do is reflect. He gives his views on the 2019 NRLCEO season including the new lock position and team kickers. His views have certainly changed!


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It's finals time in NRLCEO, and while Deano licks his wounds, Bona and Mig rejoice.

As usual, there's plenty of NRL controversy to chat about, and we discuss all things CEO, including a recap of round 22 and a preview of round 23.

In a brand new segment, the boys give a brief insight into some draft dilemmas for 2020, and we discuss all your sob stories and bad beats from a thrilling week 1 of finals. 

This is NRLCEO HQ... 

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They say a week is a long time in Rugby League let alone NRLCEO, and as the trade deadline expires, there's more dodgy trade action to discuss!  After too much spice last episode, Captain Bona has abandoned ship, and it's left to 2IC Mig and Bum Boy Deano to run the rule over last week's NRL action.

With NRLCEO finals just around the corner, we preview round 21, and in a true sign of desperation, the boys are on their knees as they pray for an injury-free weekend...

This is NRLCEO HQ!


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A late in the week recording due to work commitments.

A short, sharp cast previewing the NRLCEO teams this week as well as the NRCEO Dream Teams.

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We lost this one on DropBox! So we thought we'd release it. Better late than never.

If nothing else it's great to hear the aftermath of the boys trip to Oz for Origin 3. Ferguson streaking, Mark shaking and Mikey running more stairs.

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Unlike revenge, a good vindaloo is a dish best served hot as Deano and Mig spice it up this week and go head to head over a controversial trade. The NRLCEO team take on your feedback and Gods are summoned to enact some serious Karma!

As per program, the boys review last round's NRL action and preview a blockbuster round 19. We also announce the winner of the Crazy Socks Competition and talk all things CEO.

This is NRLCEO HQ...

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The lads discuss the teams for Origin 3 - a game they are flying across the ditch to attend!

They also discuss the NRLCEO teams for Round 16, the Dream Teams and the Blake Ferguson bet is restarted.

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The Blues convincingly took game 2 and levelled the series, and the boys from NRLCEO HQ are not happy! Tune in, as they dissect where it all went wrong for their beloved Maroons with absolutely no prisoners taken.

With Round 15 of the NRL just around the corner, Bona and Mig discuss the team changes after a successful Representative Weekend. The good news is with Deano going AWOL; this episode is proud to be 100% Cook free!

As usual, we answer all your burning questions, and Mig has a message for the NRL Physio.


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Mikey is running hot at the top of the table and Mark has beaten the bye!

The lads talk about the upcoming Representative Round, recap Round 14 of NRLCEO and go through the Dream Teams.

Of course there's the usual banter but no toasted sandwiches this week.

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Bona is back in the captain's chair this week, the Dregs are in decline and normality is restored at the top of the ladder.

With Round 13 of the NRL done and dusted, there's plenty to talk about as the boys from NRLCEO HQ discuss last week's Origin victory by the Maroons and how the lack of Origin players backing up sent some CEO coaches into a tailspin.

At the halfway mark of the season, Mig and Deano take a trip down memory lane and give a no-holds-barred review of the first five selections made by each coach in the Original 6'Some Cup Draft.

And of course, they preview a blockbuster Round 14.

This is NRLCEO HQ!

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There’s been a coup at NRLCEO HQ as a new captain takes the mic for this week’s episode. With Round 11 in the rear view mirror, the boys review who was hot and who was not and predict a few winners for Round 12.

On the eve of State of Origin, there are selection headaches galore in NRLCEO land, as the search for one-week wonders threatens total anarchy in the spud pool.

Join the NRLCEO team as they discuss hot NRL topics, including their controversial views on Greg Inglis’ retirement plan, Dylan Walker’s assets, and Seggy’s general dickheadedness.

This is NRLCEO HQ…

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Mikey has a lot of love to give this week.

He's loving his NRLCEO team and is loving his spine.

But he's not loving his new girlfriend listening to the podcast.

And Mark sexualises his love for NRLCEO over Supercoach!

This is why you love the Tantasy Boys.



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Magic Round is over and what carnage it was as the boys discuss the fall out from a massive round 9 of NRL action. The epic injury count is a hot topic and Mig laments his misfortune of a close CEO loss. Bona ponders his support of the Roosters while Deano drools all things Captain usual.

With round 10 fast approaching, the boys predict where the NRLCEO value is and tip a winner or two. The Queensland State of Origin Team is previewed, and finally, the boys pose the question - where the hell is Mudgee....?

This is NRLCEO HQ!

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The lads are pumped about the first ever Magic Round and are here to preview all the games.

They go through the NRLCEO Dream Teams and praise the NRLCEO God of 2019.

They also reveal their trip to Oz later this year.

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Deano is recovering from an AIDS flare up (caused by a number of factors), so it's up to Bona, Mig and reserve grader, Mick, to wrap up round 7 of the NRL. The boys chat all things NRLCEO and solve some team selection conundrums (but even they can't fix the Cowboy's backline!)

With only a quarter of the season gone, Mig admits defeat on his ballsy Sea Eagles prediction while Bona rues a misguided dismissal of a hooker. Mick talks about his reserve grade team but does anyone really care...?

Finally, the voodoo doll is out, and the boys discuss how to slow Damien Cook down once and for all. This is NRLCEO HQ...

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Our favourite Kiwi CEOs of course need to record an episode before ANZAC Day.

Mikey is taking on Mark's son and so he previews their game with him live on air.

Damien Cook rules. Adam Blair sucks.

The toasted sandwich returns too...

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Bona, Deano and Mig are back this week as they take a look at some of the big talking points to come out of round 5. The boys put themselves into the shoes of Anthony Seibold and try and work out how the Broncos can turn their season around, not that Mig cares that much.

There have been some significant changes to the 2019 Dream Team that the boys discuss, and as always they answer your burning questions.

As the title suggests, this episode isn't all about Deano's Dregs, so sit back and enjoy.

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On the cusp of Round 4 of the NRL Season, the boys take a look at the long term injuries that are crippling our CEO teams and how this might affect some key CEO player positions this weekend.

They recap the first three rounds of the comp and discuss the highlights, stand out CEO players, and predict the players who are ready for a break out season.

The boys try to figure out where it all went wrong for the Godfather who is 0 - 3. And as always, the lads answer your CEO questions.

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The Tantasy Boys review Round 1 of the NRL and review the NRLCEO scores along with it.

They look at the NRLCEO Dream Team and discuss needles, pain killers, Tyson Frizell and tomatoes on toasties.

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The wait is over! Bona, Deano and Mig are back and pumped to take you through all the happenings across the NRL and NRLCEO.

The boys take a look at the Round 1 team lists and discuss some of those diabolical player selections from the NRL Coaches - we're looking at you Paul Green!

We also cover the current issues in the NRL and provide some answers to questions from NRLCEO coaches who are just as excited as we are for Round 1 to kick off.  

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Ted and Phil are back on the airwaves and they chat about Spud Pool Smokies and "Take the Leap" candidates who are on their way to success.

They list the off season's Nasty XVII of players who misbehaved.

There's also a live trade in this episode including two players at new clubs and a rising star.

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Bona, Deano and Mig are back to take you through the happenings across the NRL and NRLCEO. The boys take a look at the All Stars game and the World Club Challenge and highlight the CEO worthy contenders that look to take round 1 by storm. 

The boys have you covered with all the player moments and potential positional changes that are causing our CEO coaches so many headaches this time of the year. 

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Facebook - NRCEO - Fantasy Rugby League

Twitter - @Fantasy_NRLCEO



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We welcome back the Tantasy Podcast boys for 2019!

The self acclaimed "biggest idiots in the game" are one of the most passionate competitions we have. Mikey is back to defend his crown where no one in their league has won back to back.

They discuss the new features on NRLCEO including the new lock position and what it means for your leagues.

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Ted is back with the original Moneyball Host Phil to preview NRLCEO for 2019.

The boys discuss their thoughts on Jack de Belin, the Jordan Kahu rumours to the Cowboys, Alex Johnston's claims to fullback, Titans excitement, a Luciano Leilua assessment and Danny Levi to kick goals?

There's plenty of other random shit along the way too and Phil gives his draft class.

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The boys are back with the final installment of the 2019 NRLCEO preseason review. With regular co-host, Deano, being away on holidays, Bona and Mig have looked to the bench for a replacement and called up a special guest to join them.

The Storm, Rabbitohs, Sea Eagles and Tigers are on the chopping block this week, and the boys are brutally honest with some of their predictions. There's also plenty of draft talk and dissection of the round one picks from the 6'Some Cup draft. Don't forget to purchase your copy of the 2019 Season Guide and Super Spreadsheet on January 26th when they're released.

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The 2019 NRLCEO season preview continues this week as the boys take a look at the squads from the Roosters, Warriors, Sharks and Titans.

Bona, Deano and Mig also cover some of the big news stories to come out of the NRL recently and discuss who they think will get flogged in the Gallen Vs Hoppa fight. Mig drops a draft bombshell this week, so make sure you stay listening to the end.

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Happy New Year to everyone! The 2019 preseason review continues with an in-depth look at the Cowboys, Dragons, Eels, Knights and Panthers. 

This episode is chock-a-block and includes some fond 2018 NRLCEO memories from a few die-hard coaches, an in-depth look at which teams are going to struggle this season and which players you should definitely have on your draft radar.

So, join Bona, Deano and Mig as they get you ready for your all-important draft day.

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The boys are back this week after a short Christmas break. Join Bona, Deano and Mig as they weigh in on the Shane Flanagan situation at the Sharks. They also give a review of the 2018 NRLCEO Dream Team and run an eye over each player's stand out stats and what their prospects are for the upcoming season.

Also in this episode, the boys begin their 2019 preseason review by running a microscope over the Broncos, Raiders and Bulldogs rosters, and giving an insight into the players they think are draft priorities and those that might be on the outer in 2019. 

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Welcome to the first episode of NRLCEO HQ, a podcast for the rugby league enthusiast. Join Bona, Deano and Mig as they fill the void the NRL offseason has left us with by talking all things NRL, and most importantly, fantasy footy.

In this episode, the boys speak with the Commish himself, JB, and discuss some of the all-important changes and improvements to NRLCEO for 2019. They also tackle some of the latest issues facing the NRL at the moment and how these could affect your CEO teams next year.



Twitter: @Fantasy_NRLCEO

Facebook: NRLCEO - Fantasy Rugby League

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WARNING = Foul language and rants!

Let's be honest. This episode has very little to do with rugby league and is just seven minutes of drunken slurring, Mark spewing, Fothers bowling average, sexual conquests and Mikey bragging about winning the league.

*** ONLY listen if you want a laugh and are not easily offended.

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WARNING = Foul language and rants!

Let's be honest. This episode has very little to do with rugby league and is just seven minutes of drunken slurring, Mark spewing, Fothers bowling average, sexual conquests and Mikey bragging about winning the league.

*** ONLY listen if you want a laugh and are not easily offended.

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Ted and Narmi are here to wrap up the 2018 season. 

They discuss possible new rules, player awards. who will win the NRL and how Narmi went in trivia.

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The highs and lows and Mikey's Grand Final is covered in great detail.

He thought he was going to get Cook'ed but he got Napa'd instead!

The lads also preview the last round of NRLCEO and go through the CEO Dream Teams. 

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It's the Championship Week in the Tantasy League and your host Mikey is in the Championship Game.

Learn all about his fears of Damien Cook and how the last two rounds of fantasy can screw even the best team over.

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