The Littlest Masters | NRLCEO Pod (general)

Each week Jesse and Lachie bring you the latest in the highs and lows of NRLCEO life. 

With hearts almost the size of Phar Lap, they bravely wade through a sea of stats to bring you all the news, reviews, previews and highly biased speculation you need.

They call em... The Littlest Masters.

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The hosting chair merry-go-round joins the coaching merry-go-round.

Three Cane Toads Mig, Deano and Tuxy discuss the Origin changes needed and a Queensland series sweep.

Tuxy gives his usual reality TV update and Bona's Legends are on tilt.

This is NRLCEO HQ...


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Mig, Deano & Tuxy are here to bring you all your NRLCEO fix for this week.

Our mate Shaun Goodson also laments the loss of rugby league in NSW to COVID.

This is NRLCEO HQ...

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Off the back of our listener's requests for a weekly podcast, we have our first raw and uncut episode of NRLCEO HQ. Bona and Deano go through the John Morris sacking and the release of Josh McGuire to the Dragons. Bona also gives the Bunker a spray for time wasting. Plus we preview the games for round 6.

This is NRLCEO HQ..  

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The NRLCEO HQ boys are back for the last episode of 2019. Join Bona, Mig and Deano as they discuss the latest NRL stories making the rounds. Mig and Deano go head to head on the Sam Burgess Kangaroo Court incident, and Bona drops some truth bombs on Ryan Matterson and his potential contract upgrade.

The boys take a look at the top 5 NRLCEO players from each position and highlight who they think should be in your draft for 2020. They review the upcoming prelim finals and the fan favourite segment, If Footy Players told the Truth, is back and let’s just say things get a bit crazy.

Thank you to everyone who has listened and contributed to the podcast this year.

This is NRLCEO HQ…

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In the wake of State of Origin game 3, Bona and Mig are joined by a member of the dark side to discuss the fallout and where it all went wrong for the Maroons.

The NRLCEO HQ Team then travel to Bizzaro World, where Rugby League cliches are a thing of the past - the truth will be told in a no holds barred response to key NRL topics...

And finally, it's back to a full round as we preview a blockbusting Round 17 of the NRL.

This is NRLCEO HQ.

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Recording straight after Origin, there is one big game hot on the lips of the boys and Mikey is on Cloud 9. 

The boys also run their eye over Round 15 from an NRLCEO perspective. With Origin and regular injuries, there is no better time to try and snaffle a hidden gun.

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Darius Boyd cops a SPRAY! So do the Tigers, so do the Dragons.

Still pumped up from the Origin 1 thriller, the boys come out all guns blazing, coveringall things from NSW's triumph, to the remainder of the NRL round.

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It’s an episode of firsts this week.

Not only do Rhys and Phil finally agree on something, slamming a player in SOS, but there’s a whole new segment too!

A mustn’t miss episode, so grab a tea (or a cold one), sit back and relax, as we all take a bye weekend breather to re-assess!

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